Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Learning on May 13

Today, I have read quite a lot of readings provided in the class. The readings were all about theoretical introduction of e-learning and possible medias that can be used in this purpose. As I understood, the redaings primarily focus on basic things that one learner should know about doing filming, editing and finally, compressing them to a suitable bandwith to be posted on internet. Overall, the readings were interesting for me since most of the things I never heard before(though I can't deny the fact that it was a bit too long).

The thing excited me most is the filming part; how one can film considering the various shots(long, medium, short etc.) and angles( Frog's, bird's etc.) I liked the part of how to make good composition.

I would like to learn doing animation. Ofcourse, this is not the ultimate, I still can adjust if it turns too complicated. I teach 'Design with Climate' in my university. So, I would like to create an animation of how the Earth moves around the Sun following the orbit with a tilt of 23.6° with the orbit plane, and thus, how it affects the Global climate and change in seasons. This thing causes me serious trouble to explain in the class.

Besides, I also can try documenting the Gothic and Medieval Architecture of Leuven city as part of the course "The history of Art & Architecture II".

Looking forward for the coming days!!!

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